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Make Sure you Know These Aspects About Your Private Number Plate

Make Sure you Know These Aspects About Your Private Number Plate - Blog

Displaying private number plates is not as easy as you think. There are certain strict rules attached to it. These rules ensure that the specific registrations can be identified by police and automatic cameras. If you refuse to obey the regulations, you have to pay a fine of £1,000 along with the failure of MOT.

The rules laid on displaying private number plates offer security against crime.

Do you know about the original source for the fans of the registration plate?

It is The Motor Car Act of 1903. The idea came from the Dutch. Suffixes and Prefixes arrived which are based on the plate of origin of the specific number plate. There wasn’t any centralized system in the beginning. The local authorities administered it.

The colors of the registration plate that you must use:

Motoring specialists named Tyre Pros researched that around 30% of road users don’t know that changing the color of number plate can lead to a hefty fine. The actual color should be black lettering with a white background on the frontal plate, and black lettering with a yellow background on the rear plate.

In the last year that is 2020, around 5,433 number plates were sold throughout the UK. The new 2020 plate designs were issued on 1st March.

If you surrender your right to use a personalized number:

In case, you own the right to use a personalized number but have taken the decision not to assign it to any vehicle, you can get an £80 refund. This £80 refers to that amount you paid when either you purchased the number with which the fee was included, or, you removed the number from the vehicle.

Apply for a refund:

Even after paying the fee, the number was never assigned to a vehicle

You boast the current V778 or V750. If it remains valid but you lose it somehow, the DVLA can give you a replacement. Documents that are issued before March 9, 2015, can get you a refund after the expiry. Replacement is not possible if the documents are expired.

You have to tick the section where it is mentioned:- ‘Give up the right to this registered number (surrender)’. You will get this section on V778 or V750 document. Sign in and then, send it to the following address: DVLA Personalised Registrations, Swansea, SA99 1DS.

You can no more use the specific private number plate after giving up the right.

About changing name and address:

You have the right to change your name or address on V750 or V778 certificate. You have to use your personalized registration account of the DVLA. You can change your address by the means of the post also. You have to fill in the section mentioning ‘change of address’ on V750 or V778. After filling it, you have to sign and deliver it to DVLA Personalized Registrations.

In case of not having V750 / V778:

You have to write a letter mentioning your new address. Then, sign it and then forward it to the DVLA Personalized Registrations along with identity proof.

It includes a copy of:

• A household bill for the last 3 months delivered to you
• A building society or bank statement of the last 3 months delivered to you
• Your Council tax bill of the present year
• Your British driving license that is existing
• Your medical card
• Your passport
• Your birth certificate

Changing your name (V750/V778)

You are allowed to change your name only by post. You have to show proof of it. The following copies can be produced:

• Your marriage certificate
• A deed poll that can show that you have legally changed your name
• Decree nisi of the decree absolute that you got from your divorce

You have to fill the section mentioning ‘nominee details’ on V778 / V750. Again follow the procedure of signing and sending it to the DVLA Personalized Registrations. Do not forget to attach the proof of your name change.

Correcting mistakes:

You have to write a letter mentioning your mistakes. Then, forward it with V750 / V778 to the DVLA Personalized Registrations.


You can have a private number plate or may plan to buy one soon. Whatever it is, you have to know these aspects to avoid any problem that can arise further.