#mysportscar - A brand new Alpine A610!

Alpine - #mysportscar - A brand new Alpine A610! - Euro

Hello there! Today I will be doing the “My sports car” challenge. My entry is a reborn Alpine A610, a car I love very much. Let’s start.


Well there is not much to say here. I drew up this design heavily taking from the modern reincarnation of the new A110 and the old A610/GTA. Sadly no pop-ups here. I am very happy with how it turned out and I even got promoted on DriveTribe for it :D

Engine and drivetrain

The engine will be sourced from the Renault-Nissan group. It will be a VR30DDTT taken from the Infiniti Q50S/Q60S. It will in this case be fettled with a bit by Alpine, raising power in two stages: base model 465 PS, and a stronger 520 PS state of tune. The engine would just a bit outside of the rear axle, to make a nice RR layout. It would be mated to a 7 speed dual clutch gearbox, completely retuned to make crispy and extremely fast shifts while offering comfort and impressive cruising capabilities. A 6 speed manual would be offered but only for the less powerful model and the Classic. Drivetrain wise, it would be a transaxle to balance the weight a bit. An AWD version would be offered but only in GTA trim, which leads me to…

Trims and options

In this new A610 four trim levels would be offered: Basic, GTA(Gran Tourismo Alpine), Sport and Classic. Basic is well basic, you get your cloth seats, basic navigation and radio system, lower state of tune etc. This could be changed tho, but not too much. That what the other trims are for. GTA would be the perfect multicontinent missle, rivaling the Porsche Turbo. A choice of AWD, coupled with a smooth and fast gearbox with plenty of power to play with. The car would get full leather seats which can be in different colour, you get the option of wood trim etc. Sport would be the perfect option for setting the fastest lap times. RWD, lightened down, very light seats, removed interior bits, added a small road legal rollcage, semi slicks and so on. It would offered only in higher state of tune and the 7 speed. Classic, is similar to Sport. What Classic actually is, it is making basically a 911R. So, no sound isolation and other unnecessary things, lightened parts, state of tune is free of choice, radio and navi are optional, 6 speed is the only transmission offered.
Weight per trim:
Basic: 1600 kg
GTA: 1780 kg
Sport: 1450 kg
Classic: 1270 kg


For the Basic, you will hand out just a tad over 80,000€. GTA will be about 100,000€, Sport about the same and since the Classic would be limited to 1955 examples per year, it would cost about 190,000€.


My heart would break of all the happines that would come out if this turns out real. It’s a really, really good car with proper heritage and it’s been a while since we’ve had a proper close 911 rival. Thank you for reading!