Alex Kersten 9 years ago

First Images Of The Hot Subaru BRZ STI Have Been Released

Confirmation of a Subaru BRZ STI has landed via these teaser images. Praise be Subaru...

Remind me later
brz sti 1 Good news: the first images of the not-turbocharged-but-possibly-supercharged Subaru BRZ STI have been teased online; namely on the firm's Japanese STI website. The two cropped in pics show Subaru's iconic pink STI badge. The first sits proudly on the new car's front bumper, while a second STI emblem is etched into a chrome panel above the car's wing. No further clues have been given of the STI's looks, nor do we know any more of what power to expect from the flat-four boxer engine. brz sti 2 The car's chief engineer Tetsuya Tada has already ruled out the use of a turbocharger for the STI, so it is possible that a supercharger may be used instead. It is also possible that a hybrid KERS system may be employed, which would be in line with Tada's confirmation that the power source 'will be a surprise.' When more news drops, you'll be the first to know.