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Fiat 500 Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

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What have we here? Not just an Abarth-tuned Fiat 500 (the Italian auto giant's answer to the Mini), but one that has the mark of the prancing horse on it? Well this is interesting and unexpected. Normally, when Ferrari starts lending its brand to things, it's pen and pencil sets or the occasional bicycle. One could look upon this as being rather disturbing. Is this the start of serious as serious weakening of the vaunted brand? Would Enzo have cottoned to this? Just how far afield is this, and just how far will this go? Abart-Fiat-500-Ferrari-1 Abarth is well known for digging into the little 500 in years past, making the original a bit of a terror on the rally circuit. This time around, according to corporate parent Fiat, the new Abarth 695 "Tributo Ferrari" has "substantial modifications" developed by both Abarth and Ferrari engineers. The powertrain in the special edition model is fitted with a 1.4-liter turbocharged T-Jet 16v engine tuned to crank out "over 180 horsepower". The four-cylinder mill is coupled to an MTA (Manual Transmission Automated) electromechanical gearbox with race-inspired paddle gearshift that drives the front-wheels. Abart-Fiat-500-Ferrari-2 The little hatch back also gets performance tires on 17-inch alloy wheels in a dark finish inspired by Ferrari designs. There's also more powerful brakes with 284 mm multi-section Brembo discs that feature four-piston calipers and a sportier suspension set up with new shock absorbers. There's also a "Record Monza" variable back-pressure dual mode exhaust system. Abart-Fiat-500-Ferrari-3 On the exterior, the 500 is finished in Scuderia Red, and features carbon fiber door mirrors. The racing stripes, wheels and rear air intakes are in 'Racing Grey'. The car also gets Xenon headlights. Abart-Fiat-500-Ferrari-4 Inside, there Sabelt bucket sport seats that weigh 22 lbs a piece less than the standard chairs and are finished in black leather with a shell and seat base in carbon fiber. There's a black leather steering wheel with red leather inserts and a tricolor hub as well as the new instrument panel made by Jaeger and inspired by the gauges that Ferrari use. There's also special kick plates, aluminum foot wells and a plate bearing the vehicle series number. Source & Pictures: CarScoop