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Fast & Furious 9 Release Delayed Again, But Only By A Month This Time

F9's latest delay means it'll be out on 25 June, nearly a month later than most recently planned

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Fast & Furious 9 Release Delayed Again, But Only By A Month This Time - News

The release date for the ninth instalment in the Fast & Furious franchise has moved around so much, we’ve struggled to keep track.

F9 was originally supposed to be out in 2019, before being shoved to 22 May 2020 to make room for Hobbs & Shaw. That wasn’t going to work thanks to Covid-19, so 2 April 2021 was proposed, before Universal nudged it to 28 May owing to the slated April release of Bond film No Time To Die. Which in any case now is coming out until September.

Still with us? Good, as now you have a new date for your calendar - 25 June 2021. It should be noted that this date is, we’ve quite sure, only applicable to the US - for other territories, we merely know that it’ll be released at some point in June.

Fast & Furious 9 Release Delayed Again, But Only By A Month This Time - News

Delaying by a month may mean a great deal more punters will feel comfortable with the idea of a cinema visit amidst the Covid backdrop. The Biden administration has pledged to have vaccines for all adults in the US by the end of May, although the roll-out will go on for much longer.

Cinemas across the US are already open, with capacity restrictions or other safety measures in force in all states bar Texas. Here in the UK meanwhile, cinemas won’t be reopening their doors until 17 May at the earliest.

This may all end up being moot, of course - the unpredictable times we’re in mean we can only take this latest release date with a pinch of salt. Whenever it’s out, it should have been worth the wait. It looks delightfully silly, and lord knows a little light-hearted entertainment is what the world needs right now.

Plus, Justin Lin is back on directing duties. He joined the franchise for Tokyo Drift and helmed the following three F&F flicks, and is set to stick around for the 10th and 11th films which will conclude the ‘Fast Saga’.