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Fake News Made A Student Pull A Huge Burnout In Front Of Police

A Maine student was caught doing a burnout after being fooled by a satire news website. We had trouble typing this one because we were laughing so hard...

Remind me later
Video: YouTube/sacotv (imagine this, but in public, in front of the police...)

An angry teenager got into hot water with local police after executing a brutal burnout right in front of a school resource officer… while swearing he was legally allowed to do it. Facepalms at the ready, people.

The high school student in Oakland, Maine, is said to have still been shredding the tyres of his pickup truck when Sgt Tracey Frost approached and asked what the hell he was doing. The unnamed muppet then went on to boast of how he’d read a news story on the New Maine News website that claimed that the Maine Supreme Court had declared burnouts a form of protected free speech.

New Maine News is a satirical news website, much like The Daily Mash or The Onion. Oh dear.

Again, not a good idea in front of the law...

Sometimes it’s easy to forget how pervasive the Internet can be, and how many people simply take what they read in the news for granted. At least it’s one mistake this guy might not make again.

Sgt Frost, temper in check, corrected the kid and explained how to identify satirical or fake news in future. No ticket was issued.

The story that fooled the errant student reads:

“Not only does a super-buggy bake-up leave a literal mark, or ideally, two, it’s now protected under Maine’s right to free speech.

“In a rare unanimous decision, the Maine Supreme Court ruled peeling-out is a form of free expression.

“In her remarks, Chief Justice Leigh I. Saufley said the court finds laying rubber a way to give “a voice to the voiceless.”

““What good is a huge truck? What good are fat tires, a screaming exhaust set up, and a killer big block if all that power can’t be used to make a statement?””

I mean, it’s not like the satire was hidden. Hopefully his friends will never let him forget it.

Source: Boston Globe via Jalopnik, New Maine News