Alex Kersten 9 years ago

Every Lad's Dilemma: 1 Week Partying In Ibiza Or A Hot Summer Convertible?

If you're thinking about going to Ibiza this summer, then stop. Have you considered the cars you can buy instead?

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Lads, now is the time of year when we've got an important decision to make. Our 12-hour stints in the University library are numbered and the sun now beats down on a plethora of long legs and beautiful faces we never knew existed. As we discuss our fleshy findings with our mates, one word always worms its way into the conversation: Ibiza. The land of 'getting laid', partying harder than RiRi and throwing up in the streets does come at a cost, however. Typical spending money for 1 week comes in at £1000 - even a bottle of water costs £5 and entry to 'da club will set you back around £35 - on top of which you need to factor in flights and accommodation. Before you know it, you've blown £1600 for the week and you never even had sex. Bad times. So why not invest that money in a hot little summer sports car instead? Everyone - including girls - likes a sports car, after all. Here are five properly cool contenders.

1. Mazda MX-5

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Let's get the most obvious option out of the way first, shall we? The little Mazda drop-top is easily the convertible of the last 25 or so years. Affordable and reliable the MX-5's rear-wheel drive and fantastic driving characteristics make this a no-brainer. A good condition Mk1 1.8 will set you back just £1000, meaning you've got £600 to blow on fuel and tyres. Add a couple of hundred into the kitty and you've got yourself a Mk2 car. If you're still not convinced, this song will set you straight. #Winning.

2. Alfa Romeo Spider

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You'll be very pleased to know that one of Alfa's sexiest models is an absolute steal these days. For only £1000, your 150bhp, 2.0-litre Italian convertible will feature leather, air-con and alloys. And because it's such a pretty car, who needs a drunken week in Ibiza to attract the fairer sex?

3. BMW E36 328i Convertible

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Let me break it down for you now: £1200 not only buys you a hot summer convertible, it also buys you one that's capable of hitting 62mph from dead in 7.7sec with a 143mph top speed. The 193bhp E36 is also incredibly reliable, easy to tune (google BMW E36 M50 manifold conversion) and surprisingly affordable to insure. Avoid the automatics at all costs - they're thirstier than Charlie Sheen.

4. Toyota MR2 Mk3

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Your Ibiza budget is also more than enough to bag a third-gen Toyota MR2. Following the same mid-engined, rear-drive format as its forbears, the Mk3 is another hugely entertaining summer proposition, if a little better suited for women - let's face it, it's not very manly is it...Either way, performance is decent - the 1.8 VVTI produces 138bhp for 0-62mph in 8sec - and handling sweet. A 2000 dealer-owned car with 12 months MOT will set you back £1400. Bargain.

5. Honda CR-X VTI

crx This is the only car on the list where you can say 'VTEC kicked in yo!' with conviction. If you're worth your weight in salt, go for the more powerful VTI model, which kicks out a healthy 158bhp compared with the ESI's 123bhp. Prices for a 1993 VTI start from £1300 for a good condition 1993 car. A word of warning, however. Check and re-check that folding metal roof. It's truly awesome to watch in action, but when it stops working, you'll be paying handsomely to get it fixed. So what's the decision lads? One week trying and failing to have sex abroad, or a summer and more spent making sweet, sweet convertible love to your local roads?