Alex Kersten 5 years ago 2

Espada: A Lamborghini You Wouldn't Be Seen Dead In

Espada: noun meaning 'damn son that's hideous'. Synonyms include Shrek, Susan Boyle...

Remind me later
This, ladies and gentlemen, is the most hideous Lamborghini ever made. And that's no mean feat; Lamborghini spent its early years making ugly tractors. And then there's the bile-inducing Rambo Lambo LM-002... But this Espada model - which was built between 1968 and 1978 - is just wrong from every conceivable angle. Even its underneath is unattractive. Probably. In case you've never seen or even heard of this thing, a quick history lesson is in order. The three-door Bertone-designed Espada (ironically meaning sword) was popular, very popular. In fact, 1217 of these GT monstrosities hit the showrooms, making it the most popular Lambo at the time, more so than the Miura. Power came courtesy of a 4.0-litre V12 lump, which produced 325bhp early on, with power hiked up by 25bhp to 350 horses from 1970. So now we're all clued up, back to the matter at hand. The Espada features a profile that certainly doesn't deserve a second look. It's rump too is at complete odds with the GT car's front and the flat rear wheel arches look just as awkward. I also hate the wheels, am offended by the massive overhangs and vehemently dislike the rear hatch. (At least we now know where the Prius got its inspiration from...) As for the front? That's blunter than a sledge hammer and makes even the Jensen Interceptor look pretty. What really makes me angry though is the utter beauty of the interior. It has no business being nestled in such an unsightly skin and puts today's super and luxury car cabins to complete shame. The Espada boasts sumptuous individual leather seats, an attractive wooden dashboard and a steering wheel you just know you'll love wrapping your greasy mitts around. Despite the Lambo Espada's offensive looks there are, as ever, people who simply love the things (heck, I think the Audi Sport Quattro is good looking). Speaking of which, look what I've just come across:
Oh, one last thing. There's also a repulsive, one-off four-door 'Faena' version in existence, but you really don't want to see that... So people, a question: is it just me or is the Espada just damn ugly?