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Elon Musk Has Built A Mini-Submarine To Save Kids Stranded In A Flooded Cave

The story of a group of a young Thai football team stranded in a flooded cave has dominated international news, and Elon Musk has built an incredible device to help

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Tesla boss Elon Musk has reminded the world of his more philanthropic side with an amazing offer to help the young Thai football team currently stranded in a cave in Thailand.

Musk has designed a miniature submarine fit for a single person to slot into, with its own oxygen supply, that can be manoeuvred by two divers through the flooded maze of hazardous rocks that has already claimed the life of one rescuer.

The sub, named Wild Boar after the football team itself, is made of rocket parts used in the SpaceX programme. It’s light enough to be carried by two divers, but “extremely robust.”

Teams tested the design in a Los Angeles high school’s swimming pool before Musk himself flew it out to Thailand to deliver it to the rescue teams. It’s not yet clear whether it’s going to be used to save any of the poor lads still stuck inside the cave, but in a tweet he said that he was leaving the Wild Boar there in case it’s needed in future.