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Early Access Details For Assetto Corsa Sequel Revealed

Kunos Simulazioni has published the pricing structure and development schedule for Assetto Corsa Competizione, which launches into early access on 12 September

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Early Access Details For Assetto Corsa Sequel Revealed - Gaming

Assetto Corsa was a huge hit when it launched on to PC back in 2013 with the realism, accuracy and ‘moddability’ instantly making it a serious player in the world of sim racing.

The upcoming sequel, Assetto Corsa Competizione, is the official game of the Blancpain GT series (that’s the championship with all the tasty GT3 machinery) and from the early screenshots, you have to see it looks about as visually impressive as a racing game has ever been.

Early Access Details For Assetto Corsa Sequel Revealed - Gaming

An early access version of the game will launch on Steam on 12 September.

Early access can be a bit of a risk as you never know how long it’s going to be until the game is actually finished, but Kunos has attempted to put an end to that uncertainty by revealing when the planned updates are coming ahead of the launch of the finished product next year.

To start with you won’t be getting much for your €24.99 - a single car, a single circuit, and a couple of game modes - but with new content being added on a monthly basis, it really will be a case of the earlier you buy, the more money you save. Here’s how the early access roadmap and pricing looks:

Release 1, 12 September: €24.99
Released Cars: Lamborghini Huracàn GT3
Released Tracks: Nurburgring GP
Features: Special Events, Hotlap, Quick Race (AI)
Rating System: Track Competence, Consistency, Car Control

Release 2, 10 October: €24.99
Released Cars: Bentley Continental GT3
Released Tracks: Misano World Circuit
Features: Super Pole, VR Support, Basic Pit-Stop
Rating System: Performance Rating, Safety Rating

Release 3, 14 November: €34.99
Released Cars: BMW M6 GT3
Released Tracks: Circuit de Paul Ricard
Features: Endurance 3/6h, Multiplayer (Basic), Pit-Stop
Rating System: Behavioural data analysis

Release 4, 12 December: €34.99
Released Cars: Ferrari 488 GT3
Released Tracks: Hungaroring
Features: Spectator Mode
Rating System: Driver Category, Overall Rating

Release 5, 16 January 2019: €44.99
Released Cars: Emil Frey Jaguar G3
Released Tracks: Zolder
Features: Multiplayer (Enhanced)
Rating System: System fine tuning

Release 6, 13 February 2019: €44,99
Available from: Feb. 13th 2019
Released Cars: Honda Acura NSX GT3
Released Tracks: Monza Eni Circuit
Features: Live Special Events
Rating System: System Fine Tuning

In other words, the longer you wait, the more you pay - jump in at the first release, and you’ll save 45 per cent on someone who waits until the fifth or sixth release.

Early Access Details For Assetto Corsa Sequel Revealed - Gaming

The full game, including all the circuits, cars, drivers and teams from the 2018 Blancpain season as well the fully fleshed-out game modes will be released in the first quarter of next year, with the 2019 season content being added as a free update during the summer.

Like the first game, Competizione will be a PC-only launch to begin with, with a console release (likely on next-gen hardware) a possibility some time in the future.

Will you be jumping in straight away, or will you be prepared to wait and pay a bit more later down the line? Let us know in the comments.