First. Car. LIVE! Season #10: The last one? (Rate the car selection in the comments below.)

First. Car. LIVE! Season #10: The last one? (Rate the car selection in the comments below.) - Ask Car Throttle

I’m sadly going to say this is probably the last one. I kinda ran out of cheap, affordable to mod, cool cars. If anyone has any idea, just write them in the comments section. It has been 100 cars so far. That just shows you don’t need lots of money to actually own a decently cool car. It was definitely a great experience interacting with so many people with the same interest, even if i got some criticism, because some of the cars i picked were way too powerful for a first car. This is the thing i put the most time into, like, this series has been running (very inconsistently) for the past 2 or 3 years. Prices have changed quite a lot, some of the cars on these lists exploded in price lately. Idk what else to say. It was nice. Now onto whatever cars i managed to put together in a list.

Maybe i’ll make more next year, who knows?

  1. Mazdaspeed MX-6 GT
  2. Chevrolet Celta Super
  3. Citroen C1 Sport
  4. Fiat Abarth Multipla
  5. Isuzu Stylus XS Handling By Lotus
  6. Mercury Cougar V6
  7. Toyota Celica TRD
  8. Peugeot RCZ
  9. Saturn SC2 Expression
  10. Toyota Yaris TS

To start off strong this time, i chose the Mazda MX-6 GT with the Mazdaspeed bodykit because it has a big displacement N/A V6 that’s very tunable and because it has 4WS. Nowadays, these cars have become quite cheap, because it’s not a well known model, but that doesn’t make it any less outstanding. The 2.5L V6 can be tuned easly with bolt-ons to over 100HP/L.

The next car in the list, Chevrolet Celta Super is a tiny hot, yet economic hatch, which can and has been tuned numerous times on the internet to impressive power numbers. Now, a first car isn’t something to win any trophies, but to be fun and enjoyable, so with a cheap turbo kit and everything else left alone, you could squeeze a little over 140HP out of the tiny 1.4L engine. It’s about the smiles, not the miles per hour.

Citroen C1 Sport has such an impressive engine inside of it, the 1.0L 3-cyl 1KR-FE. There is a surprisingly large tuning scene for this tiny engine, and just like many other engines of its caliber, it can be tuned to around 300HP in a turbo application. Yet, as a first car, you could replace the 3 con rods with forged ones and install a 3-1 exhaust manifold and a sporty intake to bring it up to 100HP N/A.

Not many people know, but you can enjoy you good old Multipla with the official Abarth bodykit and, on top of that, it also has the highly tunable 1.9 JTD engine. People have reached astonishing power levels using the stock internals of the 1.9 JTD, some even coming close to 500HP.

Isuzu Stylus XS is an average looking tiny coupe, but which was graced by Lotus’s touch with their signature handling package. The stock performance is just about what you’d expect from an economy sports car, but it also has a large tuning market with parts from many brands, so you could tune it either in a N/A or a Turbo configuration.

Mercury Cougar V6 is a car i’ve always seen on the street and always thought “that looks so good”, so i’ve looked into it and found out it’s actually quite interesting. It may be slow and quite basic in its stock form, but for how cheap it is, you can just put a Rotrex bolt-on supercharger kit and some Maxpeedingrods forged conrods for around 1600 EUR and drive safely at a conservative 300HP.
There are so many kits available for this engine that the possibilities are endless while tuning it.

Celica TRD is the car you’ve always wanted as a kid, but never even knew that it existed. While already having a well tuned, extremely high revving engine, there isn’t much else to tune other than a sporty filter and a remap, to push that already pushed engine to its absolute N/A limits. Although the original ones are very hard to find, you can still get a Celica TS and find the bodykit yourself. The whole TRD package may have included suspensions, disc brakes, and many other handling upgrades, besides some engine mods, but those are mods you can find from other brands too, so it shouldn’t be a problem. The 1.8L VVTL-i engine is Toyota’s answer to Honda’s VTEC, because it basicaly sounds and functions the same way, with very small differences. It produces 192HP from factory and can be pushed a little over 200HP with a few mods.

Peugeot RCZ is actually one of my favourite cars because of the way it looks, but also because of the engine it has under its hood. While the RCZ R can be quite expensive, the normal RCZ or even the GT-Line are still relatively afforable. Just make sure you get the right tensioner and a timing chain upgrade kit from Apex Auto, before tuning anything. They can make very good power if treated right. There is also a large tuning scene for this engine, especially because it was put into so many cars.

Saturn SC2 is another one of my favourite cars in terms of looks, the way the body lines converge into the front grille just looks so good on the Expression Pack bodykit. The LL0 engine is quite cheap to tune, because you can get forged rods from SCAT and 1.05 oversized pisons which brings the engine to 2.0L, and skimming the head + porting the valves is basicaly “free” power. It can be tuned N/A, it can be tuned turbo, the choice is yours.

And the last one for this year, Yaris TS. Since the real deal TS Turbo costs 10x as much as the regular N/A 1.5L VVT-i TS, you could find somebody who already bought the TS Turbo bodykit and add the turbo kit yourself. In its stock form, the N/A 1.5L can go to the same power level as the turbo version, so that wouldn’t be any problem. And besides the cheap tuning, it’s a small city car with a wheelbase so short that it wouldn’t be right to not have fun with it on a curvy road.

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7.33 Season 9
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9.99 Season 2, bruh