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The benefits of a solid economy car

The benefits of a solid economy car - Blog

Either being dangerously close to thirty years of bumbling around on this planet with an Agreement-In-Principal on a mortgage is starting to affect me, or the benefits of having a large car with a tiny engine are genuine and worthy of praise. Indeed, when I purchased my Kia Optima November last year it was only ever intended to be a stop-gap between fast cars. My 2015 Ford Mustang was amazing and I miss him dearly but, let’s face it, it was a bit of a lemon, and a swarm of personal issues meant I had to ditch the car in favour of something far more sensible and cheaper to run whilst I saved the cash for something far more exciting (and hopefully less prone to breaking down).

Whilst I gave my Optima a good write-up I never really had a bubbling connection with it like I did my Mustang or Pro_Cee’d GT; the Optima is a tool, and that was all it was ever supposed to be. Though, over eight months of ownership I’ve slowly started to warm to my grocery-getter. It’s comfortable, the transmission is actually quite slick, it’s built like a tank, my insurance is insultingly cheap and even other car guys seem to give it that silent “not bad” nod of approval.

Thanks, Obama.
Thanks, Obama.

The pièce de résistance, however, is it’s fuel economy. Diesel engines take a long time to break in and loosen up, and fuel consumption can be terrible whilst the engine is still tight and struggling to find a footing. 8L/100km was not uncommon in the first month or so (35mpg Imp, 29mpg USA).

Just over eight-thousand miles in and the engine is hitting it’s stride with aplomb; it spins up faster, throttle response is more immediate when in the power band and, crucially, it now daintily sips fuel which is a boon for my wallet.

That's a lot of economies!
That's a lot of economies!

You read that right. A whopping 62.9mpg (52.4mpg USA, 4.5L/100km). For the overwhelming majority of my journey, the fuel economy meter was off the end of the scale. If there is anything that ever made me consider cancelling the order for the MY19 Mustang, it’s this.

I like the car, and just shy of 63mpg is nothing to sniff at.