Is this a 1982 RX-7 gsl?

Is this a 1982 RX-7 gsl? - Mazda RX-7 Forum

Okay so I was driving around and I saw this red car sitting under this shed at a old body shop and I want to know if anyone knows what car it is? I told my dad about it and he said the owner of that building is alittle shady so I dont want to ask the woner just yet. Because I’d rather know what I’m buying first before I make the guy think I’m interested. Anyway I looked a few cars I thought it could be but I found a black 1982 RX-7 gsl that had the exact same front end/bumper (picture above/below). But the thing that got me was, other 1982 RX-7 gsl’s had a different front bumper. Its either this red car is a 1982 RX-7 gsl with a body kit on it or its just a different car that ironicqlly has the same front end/bumper as the modified Black 1982 RX-7 gsl (picture below/above) By the way this my first post on this app so I dont know where the picture will appear :P

If anyone knows please tell me, I’d really appreciate it.