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Dumbass Corvette Driver Fails At Donuts But Wins At Hit And Run

Two failed donuts and one hit and run make this driver a first-class dumbass

Remind me later
'Watch this!' 'Watch this!'
This Corvette driver epitomises the term dumbass! Not only does he fail to control his car - twice - he also pulls off a hit and run...
That isn't a British road, turn around! You're not on a British road, turn around!
The action starts at the exit of a car park. After Mr Dumbass decides to light up his rear wheels while pulling onto a main road, he instantly loses control of the sportscar's rear-end and ends up facing the wrong way on a busy road.
Suddenly, pick up truck! Suddenly, pick up truck!
He then attempts to recover from his stupid stunt with another burst of power, but ends up slamming his car into the side of a chunky pick-up truck. Because he's a dumbass however, he races off down the road. 'That's a hit and run baby!' points out one observer.  Reminding us of the stupidity of this skull vs window video, we certainly hope that this idiot cannot reproduce! Video