Any Mk.I Twingo owners or ex-owners?

Any Mk.I Twingo owners or ex-owners? - Renault Owners

I live in the UK. I’m 15 and saving up for a car, and I know exactly what I want as my first; a Mk.I Twingo. I’ve been looking at a 1994 model, and it looks great. I know how rare they are in the UK, as I’ve only seen one in my entire life. I will cherish that moment for the rest of my days. What I’ve got in mind is a pre-facelift painted pink (I would have the rarest car in the country - there’s no Mk.I Twingos here at all!) and a small bolt-on turbocharger to make the 55hp powerplant a little more… nippy.
Anyway, I’ve made this post because I want to hear from actual Mk.I Twingo owners, is it a good starter? Is it fun? Are they worth it?
I know whenever I think of the little joy generator on wheels it makes me smile.
Share your experiences and memories and tell me what you think!