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The origional Hotboi drift car - Haraguchi's RX-7 FC3S

The origional Hotboi drift car - Haraguchi's RX-7 FC3S - Drift

Back in the late 90s and the early 2000s drifting was thriving in Japan due to amazing cars such as this one, Haraguci’s FC. As you can imagine this car was used for D1 professional drifting over in Japan, mostly used on 2003. It had an early BN Sports bodykit that you can still buy today, it being timeless and ahead of its time when it was first produced. The car had a tuned up 13b Rotary in it making a supposed 280 horsepower. It had an enormous 326 Power rear wing and hood, and, most of the time, gorgeous 11 inch hotboi style rims over stretched 235 tires (in the rear). It had a semi stripped interior with a full rollcage. The car was slammed to the ground with over the top asthetics and that encapsulates the “hotboi crazy drifter” spirit. The car was sadly abandoned, near ebisu I believe, some time after he left the sport, and it fell into the hands of Low Style Heroes, who are trying to restore it to its former glory with as much historical accuracy as possible, which means no sponsors. Just the stickers and parts that were on the car. And because of this you can donate to them on their website by purchasing their origional stickers and merchandise, some of which were featured in a recent Noriyaro video. It was somewhat hard to find information on this vehicle, and if I have any of it wrong or you have anything to add please feel free to add it down in the comments.