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Don't Hate Yourself For Wanting This DIY Minigun Exhaust

Russian YouTubers Garage 54 (who else) made this brilliant looking minigun-like exhaust from scratch, and it even rotates

Remind me later

Ever looked at Arnie brandishing his minigun in Terminator 2 and thought it would be a great look for a car exhaust? OK, probably not, but the chaps behind Russian YouTube channel Garage54 don’t think like normal folk.

They made this minigun-like exhaust using some thin tubing, a hollowed-out big bore exhaust silencer, and a series of machined metal discs. Thanks to a turbine wheel, it even rotates as exhaust gasses pass through. Genius!

Don't Hate Yourself For Wanting This DIY Minigun Exhaust - DIY

The car chosen to receive this magnificently silly part was Garage54’s ‘Shorty’ Lada, which features a stunted wheelbase, gullwing doors and a 2JZ engine swap. Oh, and a row of speakers on the boot lid. No stranger to bonkers exhaust mods, Shorty was last seen with silencers made from wood.

Unfortunately, as you’ll see in the video above, Shorty has ended up a little worse for wear, thanks to a burnout-related mishap…