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Don't Expect Man Points If You Buy Your Wife A Mercedes Burnout Bag

Maybe we don't understand fashion, but we really don't see why anyone would want one of these tyre-marked handbags

Remind me later
Mercedes AMG burnout bags A carmaker offering overpriced, branded accessories is nothing new; just look at the Porsche Design chopsticks or Ferrari's carbonfibre cuff links. This latest offering from Mercedes, though, could be the most pointless we've ever seen. For this line of 'AMG Burn Out Bags' - produced in partnership with fashion firm Destroy vs. Beauty - pieces of high quality leather are run over by a car, and then made into a variety of products: anything from wallets to handbags. Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 14.36.04 There's no word on price for the AMG versions, but 'standard' Destroy vs. Beauty handbags go for €1180 (£970), so it's not exactly cheap... Have a look at the video below to see one of these, erm, unique items in the making courtesy of a wheel-spinning CLS63 AMG Shooting Brake. Video