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Time to move on: why I’m leaving Car Throttle

Time to move on: why I’m leaving Car Throttle - Used Cars

Afternoon all, welcome. I apologise for not being very active on here over the past few weeks, and after that I’ve made my decision: I’m leaving Car Throttle. I started posting articles haphazardly about a year ago, but I only started to take it seriously until about three or four months ago. I got to really enjoy writing about cars and car culture and looked forward to writing the next article. After I’d posted about four or five articles and got a moderate amount of attention, I decided to expand my account over to DriveTribe. The minute I started writing there the response was so much better. My articles were reaching more people, the reception was overwhelmingly positive, and my work was featured on Apple News and on the DriveTribe Facebook page, all of which was overwhelming for me. On top of that, the tools to create brilliant looking articles were amazing, so much better than Car Throttle’s limited amount. I began to drift away from Car Throttle and dedicate more time to DriveTribe. So today, I’ve decided to leave Car Throttle. I just wanted to at least give an explanation and not just disappear because I’m not the biggest fan of doing that. I’m still going to be as active as ever on DriveTribe, posting regularly. There’s a few articles on there that I never put up here, and vice versa for DriveTribe. I’m not going away. I’m excited to see what the future holds in terms of journalism and DriveTribe is a brilliant new home for me. So if you want to find me again (should that ever happen), I’ll be on DriveTribe, hosting a new Crock Or Classic or rattling through town in a rusty old Volvo. Car Throttle was a brilliant start for me and helped me to hone my skill, but the time has come to move on. Thanks so much guys, and I’ll see some of you soon hopefully. Au revoir.