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How to Plasti Dip Emblems with Glossifier

Video tutorial on how to apply plasti dip to your emblems using Plasti Dip. I will be using Glossier as well to give the emblems a glossy look vs the satin or matte finish which is typically left by Plasti Dip. I’m using black in this case as I like the look with chrome, however you’re not just limited to that. Plasti Dip sells a variety of colors, so you can pick whatever color fits the look you’re going for. Normally I would prefer removing the emblems as I did in a previous video, but the driver’s door was painted on my truck and some did a poor job, instead of removing the emblem, they painted around it. If it was removed, a paint outline would be left behind. There is a wide variety of aftermarket emblems available on the market, I believe even Dodge makes a black version for their newer trucks. However this is a great method if you’re uncomfortable with debadging a vehicle and you just want a different look which doesn’t cost much. This method also isn’t permeant, if you change your mind, the coating can be peeling off. #plastidip #dodgeram #howto

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