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Attention: The Car Throttle App Has Been Deactivated

Hello all,

It’s time to say goodbye to the Car Throttle app. As mentioned in another post, the Android and iOS apps stopped being supported some time ago - they were part of a business direction Car Throttle moved away from, and we no longer had the resources to keep them updated. Due to this, they were removed from the App and Play stores.

We kept access open to the few remaining loyal app users as long as we could, but with an update due to maintain compliance with Facebook’s log-in feature, our hand was forced and we took the decision to deactivate. As of 8am BST on 29 June 2020, you’ll be presented with a maintenance message when trying to load up the app and won’t be able to progress further. Thankfully the solution is simple - head to the conventional mobile site, and you’ll have a bug-free user experience.

I know the app had a hardcore group of fans and we really appreciate your devotion to the app, but it was becoming increasingly buggy and wasn’t compatible with a lot of the embedded features we now use.

We encourage you to ‘Add to Homescreen’ to continue having the CT experience from a single tap.

Thanks for your support.