In typical Sir GT-R fashion, I'm late. My two-year anniversary on CT!

This image is a sassy way to start this is it? (Credit: Revving-It-Daily)
This image is a sassy way to start this is it? (Credit: Revving-It-Daily)

Oh, uhm… Hi? Last week marked my two year anniversary on CT, but, me being me, I simply couldn’t be aed making a post, until I… Well, was aed to do it.

Year Recap

2017 was a really good year on CT… until the final quarter of the year came. I got one of the highly sought after Editor’s Pick with my blogpost about the Citroen C4 WRC, to this day, I still smile when I think about it. I want to once more thank the community and staff for making this happen, I really couldn’t have done without you!
After that, it all went downhill (for me, at least): The EP marked something like a peak for me, and I somehow only managed to get less and less recognition for my posts, which was kinda saddening.
To my surprise, things weren’t going only downhill for me, as the entire CT community was going down faster than oil leaks in a Ferrari, which leads me to the second part:

Goodbye CarThrottle, hello Drivetribe

After a fellow CTzen’s post got nowhere near enough recognition, me and others started what we decided to call the “CT Exodus”: a whole bunch of people jumping from CT to DT, in hopes of starting fresh. What did we find out? DT was much better than CT… at first. Staff seemed friendly, app/site were working properly and our work was getting the recognition it deserved/we wanted. BUT, the same CTzen’s post that marked the begun of the “exodus” for not being recognized, was bashed upon for being factually wrong. What did we realize? Although the community was more mature, many people in there were what a guy called “co*ky anoraks”, and to be fair, that’s never good.

But not everything is bad!

2017 also gave me lots of new friends here in CT! Below, a list of people that I befriended here in the past year:

TheJDM Shadow / Kosmicno: My favorite spastic, has an affair for Micras and gay-as. Also gave me Forza 7 across the Atlantic, nice.

KPS Lucky: another guy that seems to be troublesome for stuff, still. Knows a lot about Vipers and… that’s all I know. Also is a running meme.

R32SkylineFTW: Also a fellow Skyline enthusiast (In case you didn’t yet know), and a good Forza player too!

Risablesk3595: Ok, I did mention him last year, but we got really close this year. Long story short: he ragequits if you accidentally bump him with a One:1, that’s one thing to note if you play with him xD

Stijn Paspont: CT’s resident detective, he found out all of Maxwell’s plagiarism trouble, exposed many fake garage posters and many more stuff.

Everything out of the way, I’ve gotten nothing else to say.
Best of luck to everyone in here, and remember, although CT may not be the best right now, it will always hold a special place in my heart.

This was CTzen Sir GT-R, and until then, peace out.