GOOD NEWS: Goodbye Spam

UPDATE 1: Kyle will now be opening up some select communities. We still won’t allow any new users to register unfortunately, but you existing CTzens will be able to post very, very shortly. Kyle will hopefully make a list of open topics when he gets round to opening them. 🤞🏼

Evening, CTzens!

Finally, some good news. Thanks to the cunning technical prowess of GW, we’ve managed to clear up all 15,000 spam posts that were littered inside the community over the last 48 hours. There may be one or two posts in more obscure communities that we’ve missed, so if you see it, please report it to Kyle and thank him for his help.

So that we could save you from two days’ worth of post deletion, without having to revert back to an earlier version of the site, we had to take the step of banning all new users who registered since Tuesday. This will only affect a small number of brand new users, who I’m afraid, will have to email Support to get themselves unbanned. Sorry about this.

The plus side is that you will not need to use your post backups. We’ve managed to keep everything!

We are, however, keeping all topics closed to ‘Staff Only’ in the meantime. If you see any new posts from users, it’s likely they were saved as drafts and just Published now. We are still working on an effective way of stopping new spambot accounts from penetrating our defences going forward.

As promised, I will keep you updated.