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Dodge Wants To Tell You About The SRT Demon's Massive Airbox Using Metallica Lyrics

The latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser is here, along with a bizarre press release that quotes Metallica. Yes, really

Remind me later

Funnily enough, I don’t think I’ve ever read Metallica lyrics in an automotive press release. But as they say, there’s a first time for everything, and if anyone’s going to quote a heavy metal band while making a media announcement, it’s going to be Dodge - the same company that saw fit to celebrate the Durango SRT’s arrival with a socking great burnout earlier this week.

“‘Gimme fuel! Gimme fire! Gimme that which I desire!’ is poetry by Metallica that speaks to every gearhead,” Dodge confidently tells us, while releasing the latest Challenger SRT Demon teaser entitled ‘Forced Induction’. I swear I’m not making this up.

Bringing things around to give some sort of vague context, we’re then told: “But, any engine builder will be quick to point out that the ‘power of that poetry’ is actually limited; limited by the chemistry of combustion; limited by thin air.” And that’s the news: the Demon will get a massive cold air intake box.

Dodge - Dodge Wants To Tell You About The SRT Demon's Massive Airbox Using Metallica Lyrics - News

Measuring 110 square centimetres, Dodge reckons it’s the “largest functional ‘Air Grabber’ cold air intake hood ever installed on a production vehicle”. In other words, it’s some kind of monster. Oh, and you also get a pair of illuminated ‘Air Catcher’ headlamps.

All told, the cooling additions will drop the temperature of the inlet air by 30 degrees compared to the Hellcat. This should amount to a little bump in power, helping you seek and destroy your toughest dragstrip rival.