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On episode 2 of “Dylan consumed something he shouldn’t have”

|>be sitting with my friends at lunch
|>friend takes a waterbottle (already had been dranken from)
|>two of them start put as much weird things as possible, starting with an eraser I had mistaken for a candy and chewed for a cool minutes, then a ton of lead, and finally some school milk
|>i take the bottle go to other side of table and offer the drink to kids at the other table
|>like rational human beings, they respond with “ew no”
|>me: “c’mon it’s fresh and we just popped ‘er open, give it a swig”
|>again, like rational humans, my fellow classmates respond with “ewwww” and “no way”
|>in order to prove how amazing of a drink we had just stirred up, i actually took a fair sip
|>all ten people on that table including my friends laugh in shock

my stomach hurts but I gotta say, it was better than I was expecting
for the laughs, ya know
and clout