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Derestricted Autobahns Could Be Axed Because Of Emissions Laws

The remaining sections of German motorway without speed limits could be consigned to history in the name of reducing emissions

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Derestricted Autobahns Could Be Axed Because Of Emissions Laws - News

The German government is examining proposals to introduce speed limits on all sections of derestricted Autobahn.

Recommendations drafted by Germany’s National Platform on the Future of Mobility include capping speeds on all of the country’s motorways in an effort to bring overall emissions down to legally-required levels.

The country’s transport emissions have not fallen since 1990, reports Reuters, although that’s quite an impressive display of improved engine efficiency given the increased number of cars on the road.

Speeds would be limited to 130kph (81mph); a common motorway speed ceiling in mainland Europe. The new restrictions would be joined by generally increased fuel taxes from 2023, with greater increases applied to diesel cars and/or fuel.

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The report, currently in a preliminary stage, will be finalised by the end of March before being incorporated into new laws. It’s said that not every suggestion will be carried forward, and we think a fair number of car people will be hoping the famous Autobahn stays just as it is.

Sources: Reuters via MotorAuthority