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Formula 1

Could An F1 Car Actually Drive Upside-Down?

It’s a long-discussed topic and has been debated many times, but could a Formula 1 car really drive upside down? This fantastic video analyses whether it’s possible, or not

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It’d be pretty cool to see a F1 car driving upside down, but whether it’s actually possible is a completely different matter and it would require a huge amount of resources.

Even if it’s just for a PR stunt or an experiment to see if it’s actually possible, an F1 car driving on the ceiling would definitely be something we’d be up for seeing in the future.

This awesome, techy video from Driver 61 - run by racing driver Scott Mansell (no relation to Nigel) - analyses whether an F1 car could drive upside down. But, it doesn’t just focus on the car itself.

No, the video also delves into the inner workings of the car, the systems and whether they’d work, the specific environment that would be required and the teams or organisations that may be bonkers enough (and have deep enough pockets) to give it a go.