Tony Pimpo 14 years ago

Citroen DS Named Most Beautiful Car?

Remind me later
Well, there you go! No more debates on the world's most beautiful car (ha right, good luck on that one!). Classic & Sports Car magazine and it's panel of the word's top car designers have crowned it the world's most beautiful car. What a nice sendoff for Citroen's new DS launch campaign. Hmm. Citroen DS Rear Pretty crazy when you think about it! The world's top designers naming a 4-Door Citroen sedan the world's most beautiful. That panel includes Giorgetto Giugiaro and Jaguar's design director Ian Callum. I think the DS is gorgeous but I'm not so sure I completely agree with that assessment. For other reasons as well it's amazing, considering it's price and prevelance over other marques like Ferrari. Overall, the Ferrari brand received the most overall votes but they were spread over 9 models. This how the rankings ended up:
  1. Citroën DS
  2. Jaguar XK120
  3. Ferrari 275GTB
  4. Cord 810/812
  5. Ferrari 250GT Lusso
  6. Ferrari 250GT Short-wheelbase
  7. Jaguar E-type
  8. Lamborghini Miura
  9. Lotus Elan
  10. Lotus Elite (1957)
Congratulations Citroen, although I'm afraid the new DS range will hardly be winning any styling awards 50 years from now.