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Chris Harris’ Other Car Show Is Back On Screens This Weekend

Chris Harris’ BBC commitments apparently don’t stop him appearing on other car shows, so he’s front and centre of the fifth season of Drive

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Drive, the American car show run by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts, is coming back to TV screens this weekend. Featuring a certain Mr Chris Harris, who is apparently allowed to present other car shows as well as Top Gear, it’s set to bring adventure and car culture to life.

The first episode of the fifth season of Drive is scheduled to air at 8pm US Eastern Time on NBCSN, right after the channel’s other new car show, the motorsport-focused Proving Grounds.

Chris Harris’ Other Car Show Is Back On Screens This Weekend - News

While Drive in part follows the perfect mould that was fully established by Top Gear a decade or more ago, with grand-scale adventures and silly challenges galore, Drive will also delve into several fascinating automotive subcultures. On the list is the revival in the LA street racing scene and the French car renaissance.

Episode one of seven will include a parody on the ‘car of the year’ concept. The following six shows don’t keep a consistent slot in the NBCSN schedule but always air on Sunday nights.

Chris Harris’ Other Car Show Is Back On Screens This Weekend - News

Main presenters Harris, Mike Spinelli and Alex Roy take three different off-roaders over the historic Oregon Trail and switch on to grass-roots racing on the famous Pikes Peak hill climb. They’re aided by new sidekicks Zack Klapman and Kristen Lee, both well-known automotive hacks online. Explaining the direction of the fifth season, Executive Producer J F Musial said:

“This season we’ve pushed ourselves to go beyond the typical car show. Not only are our hosts driving fast cars and going on adventures, as you’d expect, but they’re also experiencing and reporting on the culture of cars in a way others have been afraid to in the past.”