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Chris Harris Mocks The Tesla Cybertruck, Calls It ‘Risible’

Oh dear. Although Top Gear presenter Chris Harris doesn’t think the Tesla Cybertruck looks too bad, he thinks it’s “a bit of a p*ss-take…”

Remind me later

A jet-lagged Chris Harris, expert driver and Top Gear small(er) person, has given his opinions on the Tesla Cybertruck. They are not good. Well, actually, he doesn’t think it looks too bad in a kind of disrupt-the-market kind of way, but he does call it risible, i.e. so ludicrous you laugh at it.

Raising the point that there’s not a civilised country on earth with pedestrian crash test regulations the Cybertruck could pass in its current form, Harris essentially questions the point of the unveil, other than keeping us talking about it for this long. His thoughts? “A bit of a piss-take.” Watch the four-minute video for his full explanation.