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Check Out Toyota's 5 Awesome SEMA Supra Concepts

Toyota has brought a host of Supra concepts to SEMA 2019, some built in-house and others tuned by outsiders

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Check Out Toyota's 5 Awesome SEMA Supra Concepts - News

It’s fairly normal to bring a warmed-up concept car to a show like SEMA, but this year Toyota has brought no fewer than five.

The cars have varying degrees of modifications, from just light aesthetic upgrades from the TRD catalogue to full-cheddar tunes of 750bhp with wide-body kits for good measure. Let’s take a look at them.

GR Supra HyperBoost Edition

Check Out Toyota's 5 Awesome SEMA Supra Concepts - News

NASCAR analyst Rutledge Wood and his team led by Rick Leos have put together a wide-track carbonfibre body kit that bolted straight to the original bodywork. Interestingly, the standard roof panel has been totally replaced with a carbon item.

Then performance was upgraded with a new Garrett turbocharger in a new location thanks to an upgraded exhaust manifold, and a whole load of electronic wizardry that boosts power north of 750bhp. The team had to fool the car’s ECU in the process, as it wanted to lock out in order to protect the driveline from this kind of force.

GR Supra Heritage Edition

Check Out Toyota's 5 Awesome SEMA Supra Concepts - News

The car built to square up to the HyperBoost Edition in a SEMA face-off is this, an A80 Supra-inspired, 500bhp weapon that features the A80’s rear spoiler and front and rear lights designed to ape the older car’s. It’s running a stock turbo modified to give 18 per cent more induction air flow, and a much freer-breathing centre-exit exhaust.

It’s the work of Ed Laukes, Toyota’s group vice president of marketing. A custom rear suspension setup inspired by open-wheel racing cars allows for 305/30 R19 semi-slick tyres from Toyo. It rides on Tein coilovers and stops courtesy of meaty 6-piston Brembo calipers gripping discs the size of the Death Star’s angry uncle.

GR Supra Wasabi Concept

Check Out Toyota's 5 Awesome SEMA Supra Concepts - News

Toyota’s Genuine Accessory Team is in on the fun as well, stirring up this extremely handsome green effort. This is a modified Supra you could actually build yourself with Toyota parts, as the feedback from this build will help the team decide which pieces to put into production. The body kit and spoiler are vaguely Need for Speed, which we admit we’re suckers for.

Lightweight 20-inch alloys, huge Brembo calipers with 405mm two-piece discs and Ohlins fully-adjustable coilovers complete the magic. There’s said to be a deep, throaty sound from the twin 102mm exhaust pipes; the kind of noise enthusiasts will be well on board with.

GR Supra Performance Line Concept

Check Out Toyota's 5 Awesome SEMA Supra Concepts - News

Toyota Customizing and Development, yet another of Toyota’s modding departments, has pieced together a Supra concept designed to enhance the performance and enjoyment of the standard car without actually tuning it. Lightweight TCD-designed wheels lower the unsprung mass and speed-up acceleration response.

Hand in hand with that are extra winglets for extra downforce, a body kit designed for aero stability and a custom HKS exhaust for noise, delicious noise.

GR Supra 3000GT Concept

Check Out Toyota's 5 Awesome SEMA Supra Concepts - News

We knew this one was coming, but now we can see the full thing in the metal. It’s a product of Toyota Customizing and Development, like the Performance Line Concept above. Inspired by the A80 Supra TRD3000GT. Based on a wide-body layout that hinted at success in Japan’s epic 1990s touring car series, it’s packed with goodies.

A custom HKS exhaust much like the one on the Performance Line car takes care of the noise, while the car sits low on Tein Street Advance Z coilovers. The brakes are Brembo GT-S items and the tyres are Toyo R888R semi-slicks. The interior features FIA-approved racing seats with harnesses. Nice.