Alex Hamilton 10 years ago

Check Out Japan's Hilarious New Street Racing Craze

Japan's latest street racing craze won't even piss the 5-0 off...

Remind me later
This, ladies and gents is the newest street racing craze, which comes courtesy of our friends over in Japan. Forget tortured tyres and titanic turbos, the only things you need here are a good breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then, you're ready to race! There are two heats. The first is called the backwards Le Mans where you start in the car then run to the finish line. The second heat does require a car, but there's no need to use the engine. Instead, this heat is designed to build your biceps and legs as you push your pride and joy to victory. Sound like your kinda thing? We've got the perfect training programme thanks to our grueling car workouts routine. Only then can you be a true Japanese street racer... Image courtesy of Car memes.