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'Cheapkhana' Is A Ken Block Parody Featuring A 60bhp Ford Fiesta

You don't need an all-wheel drive, 1400bhp monster to replicate Gymkhana, as this guy proves...

Remind me later

Gymkhana parodies are nothing new, but regardless, we still can’t get enough of them. This latest one is particularly endearing, as it centres around a humble, 60bhp Ford Fiesta. Doing lots of skids.

The man behind the low-cost tomfoolery is Etienne Guerra, and it’s not actually his first crack at a Ken Block impersonation. His first effort (below) was six years ago, long before sending up the DC Shoe co-founder became cool.

That time it featured an older Fiesta, which Guerra claimed to have “found in a shed.” It went on to be watched hundreds of thousands of times, and at the time of writing is sitting at nearly 900,000 views.

Which one of these two budget Gymkhana efforts is your favourite?