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Celebrate Independence Day With America’s ‘Coolest Mid-Size Truck’

Modern ‘Murica is a changing place, and Doug DeMuro is challenging the status quo with a big vote in favour of a mid-size, four-cylinder diesel-powered Chevrolet Colorado ZR2…

Remind me later

It’s not often that you hear an American car reviewer call diesel cool. Diesel is the spawn of Satan, to many Americans. But Doug DeMuro, the popular YouTuber with a penchant for cars with quirks, has a soft spot for the latest Chevrolet Colorado ZR2.

This four-cylinder, 2.8-litre diesel truck has loads of torque, can tow damn near as much as a Ford Raptor but is almost a foot narrower and vastly easier to drive every day. It also has a bunch of weird features like an ‘exhaust brake,’ a factory- or dealer-fitted light bar that’s illegal for road use and the option to choose exactly which part of the seat you want to be heated.

Doug argues that the ZR2 can do almost anything a Raptor can, but costs a small fortune less to buy. America, would you carve your slice of freedom in the shape of a Colorado, or is the lure of the massive Raptor too hard to pass by?