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THE RESULTS - Can You Identify These 10 BMW M Cars From Up Close?

Inspired by last week's BMW M4 news and pics, let's see how well you know your M cars!

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Can You Guess These 10 M Cars With the reveal of the heroic new BMW M4 concept last week, we thought it only right to challenge you to identify 10 Bavarian Motorsport masterpieces from up close. Here are the answers.

Mystery Car #1 - 1M Coupe (E82)

12 1 M Coupe E82

Mystery Car #2 - M3 (E92)

1 M3 E92

Mystery Car #3 - M6 (E24)

2 M6 E24

Mystery Car #4 - M6 (F12)

3 M6 F12

Mystery Car #5 - M135i (F21)

4 M135i F21

Mystery Car #6 - M3 (E30)

Picture 13 M3 E30

Mystery Car #7 - M1 (E26)

Picture 9 M1 E26

Mystery Car #8 - M4 Concept (F82)

7 The F82 M4 will have a lot to live up to!

Mystery Car #9 - X5 50D (E70)

9 X5 M50D E70

Mystery Car #10 X6 M (E71)

10 X6 M E71