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Can You Guess What Cars These Retro Gauges Belong To?

Know your old school dials? Get 6 right and you'll be a CT hero!

Can you guess what cars these 10 retro gauges belong to Last week, we showed you ten sets of light clusters from the past which we challenged you to correctly guess. We're sticking with the retro theme this week, so take a look at these clusters and see how many motors you can identify.

Mystery Car #1

Mystery Car 1

Mystery Car #2

Mystery Car 2

Mystery Car #3

Mystery Car 3

Mystery Car #4

Mystery Car 4

Mystery Car #5

Mystery Car 5

Mystery Car #6

Mystery Car 6

Mystery Car #7

Mystery Car 7

Mystery Car #8

Mystery Car 8

Mystery Car #9

Mystery Car 9

Mystery Car #10

Mystery Car 10 Look out for the answers on our Facebook page on Thursday


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An info-graphic about you guys!

Car Throttle Info-graphic - A School Project

YouTube / Jonathan Farah

I own all animations, voice, illustrations and all have been done alongside the Car Throttle brand book for colors and typography.

The animation is a school project in graphic design and i chose to do it about Car Throttle, of course, all my recent projects have been about cars.
I have nothing against Car Throttle, it’s just a video with a funny tone from what i notice on the Facebook page of Car Throttle. I am an avid viewer of Car Throttle myself, statistics aren’t very accurate, it’s just a fun video.
I hope you enjoy!
Music: Colin MCrae 2 Soundtrack: Selection 03
Programs used: Adobe After Effects CS6
Adobe Illustrator CS6

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10 Car Logos You Probably Never Knew The Meaning Of

YouTube / Car Throttle

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WRC is for boys. Group B was for men.

Rally Group B - Tribute

YouTube / Icemanrider1

As bonkers and unsafe as it was, it’s hard to match the sound these things make and that’s why you can only love it.

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5 Fall Outs From The Volkswagen Dieselgate Saga

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My Lift Stand - Great idea for lifting a car

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