Can This Jeep Trackhawk Beat A Tesla Model X In A Straight Line?

This drag race pits the Hellcat-engined Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk against the all-conquering Model X P100D and a Mercedes-AMG GLC 63

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The 642bhp Lamborghini Urus wasn’t able to beat the mighty Tesla Model X P100D in Car Wow’s recent drag race, so clearly, what’s needed in this battle of battery cells vs old-fashioned internal combustion is more power. And that’s exactly what we have here thanks to the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, which has 697bhp to play with from a V8 you’d usually find in the pre-facelift Dodge Challenger Hellcat.

Yes, we have seen the Trackhawk and the Model X go head-to-head on the strip before, and back then, it was the latter that came out on top. But with this race run on a much colder day - which the Tesla’s battery pack clearly doesn’t appreciate - we could be in for a different result this time.

Jeep - Can This Jeep Trackhawk Beat A Tesla Model X In A Straight Line? - Car Throttle

Being so far down on power, the Mercedes-AMG GLC 63 doesn’t realistically stand a chance against its competitors, but it does have a weight advantage, making it interesting to see how close it can get on the quarter-mile run.

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