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Can A Diesel Volvo V90 Beat An 850 T5 In A Straight Line?

Volvo's performance estate of the 1990s goes up against a V90 D5 in this old vs new drag race

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The D5 version of Volvo’s V90 estate doesn’t have any performance car aspirations, but thanks to the the relentlessness of automotive progress, it has a similar output to the mighty 850 T5.

Just 10bhp separates the two, with the D5 being slightly more powerful, and also having the benefit of Volvo’s clever, lag-killing ‘Power Pulse’ system that pre-spools the turbocharger with a shot of compressed air. So what happens when you line the two cars up side-by-side, and have a drag race?

In the end it’s a win apiece for the cars, with the V90 taking the win on the standing start race, and the 850 victorious following a rolling start. The five-pot 850 is the overall winner in terms of engine noise, though…