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I went on a roadtrip with my recently purchased Omega.

I went on a roadtrip with my recently purchased Omega. - Euro

I drove up north to find some snow and boy did I find some. I found a road that was just fully covered in snow, perhaps 10-15cm of pure slushy snow and that road was over 60 kilometers long. You can just imagine how much fun I had.
I drove over 1200kms without any major faults, only the front left brake seized so I had to get it sorted before heading back. No wonder the fuel consumption dropped from 8,4L/100km to 7,4L/100 after the front left wheel started rolling again. It also fixed a vibration issue that occurred every once in a while so it’s a win win situation.
Only other real issue I’ve had with the car was the fan motor. It broke about a week before the trip so I started tearing apart the interior, ordered the part and it arrived on the morning of the day when I was supposed to hit the road. Luckily I had already managed to take everything off beforehand so installing the new fan motor went pretty quickly. I still have the difficult task of assembling a couple of plastic tubes and the glovebox ahead of me but at least the car has the passenger airbag in place and the windows aren’t getting foggy anymore. It may not be pretty, but at least it works and I didn’t need to use my dad’s boring fwd car for my roadtrip. I may do a separate post about assembling the interior back together, we’ll see, all I can say that I’d rather not do this project again…..
Apart from these little niggles I can tell you that I’m really pleased with my Omega. It’s so comfy and nice to drive, it drifts beautifully and it’s relatively fuel efficient….once you get the brakes sorted, hahaha.