What phone should I get?

I’ve been using my Moto G5 Plus for about 2 years but with time, it has surely deteriorated. Especially the battery, which randomly drops from 29% to 4% when it feels like. It still runs relatively smooth, doesn’t lag as much as to cause obstruction. Due to the SD card, I don’t feel too restricted when it comes to space.
Now, if I get a new phone — it has to be around ₹15k(180€). So phones like Huawei Y9 Prime, P30 Lite, Moto G8 Plus and Redmi Note 8 come to my mind. Please mention in the comments if you have more alternatives from Honor or something.
As for my main usage: 4 GB RAM should be more than enough. I don’t play too many games. I’d really appreciate fast charging and a surplus battery to help me get through the day without carrying my charger everywhere. Camera isn’t that high a priority but of course, it better be decent enough (unlike my G5 Plus). As for storage, something close to 64 GB is acceptable if its a good value but I think I’d get a 128 GB.
Please let me know your thoughts and recommendations!