First. Car. LIVE! #Season 5: Embracing the end. Looking for a new begening.

First. Car. LIVE! #Season 5: Embracing the end. Looking for a new begening. - Ask Car Throttle

I just wanted to finish the last list i’ve been making because i wanted to talk about some interesting stuff.

  1. Citroen AX GTi
  2. Citroen Xantia Activa CT Turbo
  3. Mazda MX-5 Miata VVT
  4. Fiat Tempra 4x4
  5. Mercedes E 300D Sportline
  6. Renault Twizy 80 Cargo
  7. Renault Fluence ZE
  8. Skoda CITIGOe IV
  9. Golf MK3 Syncro
  10. Audi TT Quattro 225 S-Line

First on the list is the extremely lightweight AX. As a first mod i would totally get the AWD version and convert it to GTi because it would be an absolute blast to drive. It has a very potent 1.4L engine with 100PS from factory. I suppose it wouldn’t be too hard to bring it up to 140 with a few N/A mods. Did you know there also was an AX Electrique rated at 27PS?

Xantia is the luxury ride from this list, having the hydropneumatic suspension system. It’s equiped with a 2.0L turbo engine that’s ready to be remapped to 200HP.

The top range Miata, like any other model, it’s an unpractical but fun car to drive thanks to its FR layout and lightweight body. Being a Miata has a very tunable, being able to get 180HP N/A only with bolt-on mods and a remap.

Tempra 4x4 is one of the three cars made on the Tipo Tre platform, sharing it with Lancia Dedra and Alfa Romeo 155. As its name suggests, it’s AWD. And together with a 2.0L N/A engine that puts out 150HP from factory, it could be one of the sleeper wagons that nobody expected to exist. I would personally swap in the engine from the Tempra Turbo. It also has a retro digital dashboard.

Best diesel you could possibly get. Build like a petrol engine, acting like one too, sounding like one as well. Very tunable. Turbo or not, you have it covered. I’d personally mod it N/A just to see how high you can go with the power. Also install a modern, but high flow, Euro 5-rated cat with included DPF to reduce the smoke. Also run some anti-smoke additive. Why? To be able to rev it higher, of course. If you look on the internet you’ll fine one revving all the way up to 9000RPM, two of them to 8000RPM, one to 7000RPM and a few others to 6000RPM, the last mod being a rather common one. It revs up to 5200RPM from factory. It makes power very high in the rev range because it has a 25.0:1 compression ratio, which is outstanding. Also one of the first cars with active suspensions.

Twizy is probably the most fun car on this list, just because of how quirky it is. It can be remapped to 33PS and 100NM thanks to the Twizy Box. It can pull skids on semi-dry asphalt because of this. It can also reach over 100km/h, some people even going as far as 110km/h. Amazing right? Not a cargo in the photo. I couldn’t find a photo i like, so just imagine it has a trunk.

Fluence ZE as shown in some YT videos, is pretty fun to slide around. But what many people don’t really know is that Fluence ZE is currently the cheapest used EV money can buy in Europe right now. Equipped with a 95PS electric motor, it can surprisingly be remapped to 105PS and 250NM. It’s not fast by any means, especially in a car this heavy. But some lightweight rims, lightweight seats and other weight reduction, you could probably drop around 100kg from it. I’d go as far as making a custom fiberglass hood for it.

The electric CITIGOe is already fun to drive because it already weighs next to nothing. Now, what if you made it lighter and also bumped the power all the way up to 90PS and 230NM? With some mildly aggressive weight reduction you could proabably bring it down to under 1000kg from the stock 1160kg.

One of the things i want to do at some point is to ABF swap a Golf 3 Syncro. It already comes with the ABA engine, the ABF components are a straight bolt-on. I’d personally tune it to 200HP N/A, which is a common thing in the Golf 3 community. Or get the 1.9TD and swap it with the 1.9TDI ALH from the Golf MK4 GTI TDI. Also, just as the OM606 from the 300D a few rows above, can be tuned to run at 6000RPM and it’s neither that uncommon.

Finally, to end on a bittersweet note, to keep the trend going, i chose the TT 225. Even if it’s a nightmare to work on, stated by Alex Kersten, it has a great tuning potential. With the right parts, which are also quite cheap, it can easly get up to 300HP. It’s coupe, aerodynamic and AWD. Also comes in a wide variety of 74 colors, paired with no less than 49 different interiors. I don’t think any car comes close to this level of customization from factory.

I found out that some electric cars can be cheap and also fun. Besides, between these were some of the cars i actually wanted to buy, but were in not that great of a condition or were slightly too expensive and decided to not get them.
Now the series is over. I have no more models that i can think of.

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8.36 Season 4
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9.99 Season 2 still