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Ford Supervan3

Ford - Ford Supervan3 - Car Art

Total work time: 2 hours and 24 minutes
The Ford Transit Supervans were a series of promotional vehicles built for Ford UK. They combined the outline and appearance of the popular Ford Transit van with the chassis and performance of a sports racing car.
In 1994, to promote the new Mark 5 Transit, Supervan 2 was rebuilt as Supervan 3. This was the first time that Supervan had been used to promote a new model, rather than a model already nearing its end of life. A seven-eighths scale reduced replica of the new bodyshell was fitted, together with a new engine, a Cosworth HB (V8 engine). The work was carried out by DRL Engineering of Suffolk. This version also had the longest promotional lifespan, appearing in public until 2001. With several liveries in Ford’s blue and white over the years, its final appearance was in Royal Mail red, celebrating Ford’s new contract to supply their vans, taking over from a long arrangement with Leyland DAF Vans.
In 2004 a refurbishment was announced. The engine was replaced with a more practical Ford-Cosworth Pro Sports 3000 V6 engine, and the 1984 Ford Motorsport blue and white livery was restored. This work was carried out by Sporting and Historic Car Engineers of Bicester.
In 2007 it was suggested that Supervan 3’s chassis might be rebuilt into a C100 and used for historic sports car racing.
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Few words from me: Recently I’ve been playing Blur (2010), a very unknown yet superfun multiplayer game (the old school multiplayer where everyone plays with a joystick in the same room). I’ve been playing it with my brother and cousins. Even tho they pick cars such as Opel Astra Bertone V8 DTM and Renault Megane Trophy

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