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Behold The Leaked Ferrari 488 'GTO' In All Its Glory

Following an extensive stats leak, a low-quality image of Ferrari's hardcore 488 has been circulating on social media

Remind me later

The only thing missing from last week’s substantial Ferrari 488 ‘GTO’ leak was a picture of the car itself. Well, that’s now been rectified via the image above, which is currently doing the rounds on social media.

Yes, the quality is questionable, but we’re all but certain it’s the new, more hardcore version of the 488, sporting a radically redesigned front end and a generally badass vibe.

The front bumper, front bonnet, rear spoiler and rear diffuser will all be made from carbonfibre. The new image gives us a much better look at the reshaped bonnet, with a deep vent referred to in the leaked presentation as an ‘S-duct’.

Other interesting details include side blades just in front of the front wheels, and an aggressive new side skirt design. Oh, and it does - of course - have some rather prominent white racing stripes.

Thanks to last week’s leak we also know that the 20-inch wheels are 40 per cent lighter than the GTB’s, while the V8 engine is said to be derived from the one found in last year’s 488 Challenge racing car. The redeveloped body includes an active rear wing, contributing to a 20 per cent improvement in aerodynamic efficiency.

You’re looking at something that has “the highest racing technology transfer on a street homologated Ferrari,” so make no mistake - this is one of the most serious cars Maranello has ever bolted together.

We can’t wait for the next leak…