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Audi R7 Rendering

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The recent Porsche-Volkswagen debacle has resulted in a high-concentration of brands under one roof, and luxury/performance ones at that.  Volkswagen, Audi, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche are all under the same roof. How they will all be managed and what kind of sharing will go on will be interesting to see. A balancing act for sure! One thing that we have heard is that the new VW board has opted to axe the Porsche Cayenne SUV and recently-introduced Panamera. I remain highly skeptical about that possibility, but something that has been floated around is a high-end Audi based on the car's platform. AudiR7FrontView Voila, Audi R7! The R7 would be a "4-door coupe" in the vein of the Panamera, Rapide and CLS, but with a different twist on the styling. We've seen Audi's vision of a car in that genre, the A7 Sportback concept, which is slated for production. The R7 takes a different, but still undoubtedly Audi tack. While the A7 Sportback is light and lithe, the R7 design study opts for heavy, roundish styling more similar to the Audi TT. The look works quite well - it's so Audi but yet different then the direction we've seen it taking lately. More design studies by the R7's designer Gabriel Rabhi can be found at his website HERE. AudiR7RearView