Aston Martin Is Celebrating 70 Years Of Vantage With Wallpaper Perfection

With the Vantage nameplate turning 70, Aston Martin has chosen to celebrate with an incredible 14-car photocall

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Party poppers at the ready - Aston Martin‘s famed ‘Vantage’ name has just turned 70. Used for both special versions of AM products and as a model name in its own right, Vantage is a huge deal for the company, so its chosen method of celebration is understandably grand.

Aston Martin decided that rather than baking a cake, it should gather together all of the key Vantage models - 14 in total - for an incredible photocall. As you’d expect, the resulting images are jaw-dropping, and also perfect wallpaper for both desktop and mobile, with both landscape and portrait images in the bumper press pack. We’ve picked our favourites for your viewing and downloading pleasure.

Represented in the big shoot were the following cars:

DB2 with Vantage specification
DB4 Vantage
DB5 Vantage
DB6 Vantage
DBS Vantage
AM Vantage
V8 Vantage
V8 Vantage Zagato
Vantage (supercharged)
DB7 V12 Vantage
V8 Vantage (VH)
V12 Vantage
Vantage (current)

The DB2 kicked off the lineage with its ‘Vantage specification’ - which included bigger carburettors and a higher compression ration for its 2.6-litre inline-six. Vantage versions of the DB4, DB5 and DB6 followed, with the DBS Vantage of the next decade leading to ever more muscular cars using the name.

The 1990s featured both the monstrous supercharged versions of the Vantage and the achingly pretty V12-powered DB7 Vantage. In the 2000s, the badge was called upon for a V8 and eventually V12-powered Porsche 911 rival.

This brings us up to today, with the replacement of that VH architecture Vantage providing the pointiest end of the current Aston Martin stable. In all, 36,000 Aston Martins have been built with the Vantage name involved in some capacity.

Now you have a little context, we’ll leave you to have a good ogle.