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An Aston Martin Vantage AMR Is On The Way With A Manual Gearbox

Aston's 911 rival is about to get the AMR treatment, and it'll involve the fitting of an extra pedal...

Remind me later

We’ve known for a while that Aston Martin is cooking up a manual version of its new Vantage. Senior Aston figures including engineering chief Matt Becker have said as much, but it’s now looking like the arrival of a three-pedal Vantage is imminent.

Aston Martin has Tweeted a teaser for a ‘Vantage AMR’, showing a three-pedal layout. With the clutch highlighted, just in case you didn’t quite catch what the company is getting at.

Aston Martin - An Aston Martin Vantage AMR Is On The Way With A Manual Gearbox - News

If the car is to follow the example set by other AMR’d Astons, it’s likely to have a little more power, and possibly a suspension tweak or two. Whether or not a manual non-AMR Vantage will be available, or if it’ll be possible to have an AMR with an auto box, we’re not sure - Aston Martin hasn’t said anything beyond this Tweet.

The standard Vantage is a great sports car, but the ZF eight-speed automatic hooked up to its AMG-sourced V8s is one of its weaker points. A manual version, then, should be fabulous.