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An All-Female Fast & Furious Spin-Off Is In The Works

Vin Diesel confirmed in an interview that he's created an all-female F&F spin-off

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An All-Female Fast & Furious Spin-Off Is In The Works - News

The Fast and Furious franchise looks set to receive a second big screen spin-off, and it’ll focus primarily on female cast members. Speaking to MTV (see below video at the 5min 22 sec mark), Vin Diesel said, “I have created a female spin-off,” adding, “That script comes in next month, so we will see”.

That’s far from confirmation, but we’re fully expecting this to become a reality. Michelle Rodriguez - who plays Letty Ortiz, one of the franchise’s original leading women - said a few years ago she could quit F&F over its portrayal of women, following which there was a noticeable increase in strong female characters being written in the series.

This has been offset by Hobbs & Shaw, a spin-off focusing on two of the most overtly macho, testosterone-fuelled characters in the F&F world, but the franchise does now have a wealth of options to make up an all-female main cast.

Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster (Mia Toretto) would almost certainly feature, and could be joined by Nathalie Emmanuel (Ramsey, now a series regular), Vanessa Kirby (Hattie Shaw), Helen Mirren (Magdalene Shaw) and perhaps cast members from further back like Devon Aoki (Suki). And don’t discount the prospect of Gal Gadot’s Giselle being resurrected - given the reappearance of Han in F9, the creators of F&F are clearly fond of bringing people back from the dead.

An All-Female Fast & Furious Spin-Off Is In The Works - News

In the MTV interview, Rodriguez and Emmanuel both express interest in the idea of an all-female spin-off, with the latter hoping for a “Charlie’s Angels-type vibe”. Rodriguez says she would want Charlize Theron to appear in any such spin-off, and this being F&F, the fact that her character Cipher is currently a baddie doesn’t preclude her from switching sides to join the ‘family’.

As for when this film, if green-lit, would be released, we can’t be sure. It’d have to be after the 10-entry original ‘saga’ concludes, however, with the final instalment due in April 2021. Fast & Furious 9 meanwhile is out on 22 May.