And what was your first car? (Peugeot 106 first 1000km review)

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Hello CTzens, I’d like to introduce my little car, I bought this car like a month ago for 8000 Czech crowns (less than 300€) and after 1000 kilometres spent behind the wheel I have to say it was a good buy. As it was my first car to insure I had to pay quite a lot, to be exact 3961 Czech crown (almost 150€) for a year. And I also decided to do some maintenance works, oil change all together with belts and stuff cost me 3500 CZK (130€) and I also had toi fix the window washers for like 10€. I also bought a set of almost brand new tires for the car for 40€. Registering the car cost me 45€ and I also did some mods to improve the looks.

A can on black spray paint helped to improve the looks of the trims and steel wheels, can of window washer helped me clean all the grease and dirt and a set of cheap platic wheel cover improved the look of my car overall. Fixing the trunk lighting and other small fixes were like 5 minute project, but I enjoyed doing every single thing on the car.

Afer all I have to say it’s a great car for the price, the 1.1 liter engine is fuel efficent, part are qute cheap and a set of almost new summer tires for 40€ is a bargain. In total I spent almost 700€ but it was worth every penny :3

Can you give me your opinions and also show what did you buy as a first car?