The Stan profile picture The Stan 6 years ago

Closer (LS Miata parody)

Something I made after hearing ‘Closer’ too many damn times

Hey, I was doing just fine after the 6th turn
I sped too much and that’s an issue
Now it’s too late

Hey, get the ambulance and tow truck ready
because think I’m gonna use them again

The faded brakes cooked out
ran too fast into the corkscrew bend and
front tires no grip
now im flying quickly towards the concrete wall
and I, I, I can’t stop
No, I, I, I cant stop

So baby pull the hand brake
at the sports seat of my roadster
maybe now I can avoid
having my head ripped off my shoulder
Pull big drifts out every corner
with the LS that I swapped
‘cause I needed racecar power