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Retro Racefest from last weekend

Retro Racefest from last weekend - Motorsport

Retro Racefest was a vintage racecar event held in Sydney, during the day, you can spot some historic racing car in Australia, and here are some photos from Sunday event. Photos are all taken by me :)

ATCC GTR, the original of “Godzilla”, it’s pretty strange that they only brought 1 GTR, i expect there will be 2 or 3 of them. Anyway, this one was the GTR which won the 1991 Sandown 500.

ATCC RX7, the only Rotary engine car to won the ATCC/V8 Supercars champion

Speak about Australia, the Holden Commodore is the car you should never forget, from 1978 to 2017, from Saloon to Wagon to Ute and to Race car.

Except the 80s, ATCC in 70s are also worth for a watch. The battle between the Torana and Falcon were a well known story in Australia.

In the aim the defeat the Holden, Ford imported varies models the take part in the ATCC races. The following are the examples

Too much for Australian and Japanese brand? Here are some European brands

And the star of the whole weekend………….ex-Stefan Johansson’s Ferrari 156/85 back in 1985.

Surely it was fill in awesomeness on the track, but the Show And Shines section and even spectator parking lot were also got some stunning car!!

Parking lot spotting……

And finally…….A Jet-engine Kart I think? Anyway, it’s ridiculously cool

Retro Racefest from last weekend - Motorsport

So that’s it! A weekend full of joy and fun for me.